Finland will change to 5 jumpheights

The Finnish Agility Association’s annual meeting voted for several changes in national rules. New rules will validate at 1st of January in 2018. Here are the most important changes. New classes for toy dogs and sma...
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AWC 2016 Individual Large Agility

Last course is for large dogs by Jose Luis Garcia Alvarez. Results: Anne Lenz with Chi (GER) 37,97 / 0 Romina Cervasio with Wish (ARG) 38,99 / 0 Tobias Wüst with Gucci (GER) 39,05 / 0 All results of individual large agil...
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AWC 2016 Individual Medium Agility

Individual medium agility course by Tamás Tráj. Results: Martina Magnoli Klimesco with Kiki (CZE) 36,30 / 0 Simone Ullrich-Pansi with Babou (AUT) 36,86 / 0 Olga Kwiecien with Brava (POL) 38,14 / 0 All results here.
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AWC 2016 Individual Small Agility

Sunday morning started with an individual agility course for small dogs by Jose Luis Garcia Alvarez. Results: Marta Mill with Jay (EST) 36,80 / 0 Marusa Podjed with Nai (SLO) 37,15 / 0 Martin Eberle with Eyleen (SUI) 37,...
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AWC 2016 Team Medium Final Results

Medium Teams had an excitement final on agility course. Some teams with bad luck, some good. Courses, both jumping and agility, were certainly not a peace of cake. Germany Jumping 113,31 / 0 Agility 117,90 / 0 TOTAL 231,...