EO2020: The Judges

The FCI delegates meeting has appointed the following 2 judges: Sascha Grunder 🇨🇭 Jari Suomalainen 🇫🇮 The other 2 judges and 2 contact judges will be appointed by the organising country Th...

Fake news about the livestream of EO and AWC

There is fake news circulating about the livestream of EO 2019 and AWC 2019. It is adviced to NOT click on any links, sign up, or give any credit card details. The organisers of both events confirmed to us that it is fak...

EO and EOJ judges 2020 are chosen

The judges appointed by the FCI are: EOJ2020 Petr Pupik 🇨🇿 Anders Virtanen 🇫🇮 EO2020 🇬🇧 Sascha Grunder 🇨🇭 Jari Suomalainen 🇫🇮

WAO until 2022 in The Netherlands

From 2020 until 2022 the WAO will be held at National Hippic Centre (KNHS) in Ermelo, The Netherlands. Dates will be as follows: 2020 – 15th- 17th May 2021 – 14th – 16th May 2022 – 20th – 22nd May

EOJ2019 Location, Judges

The EO Junior 2019 will be held in Switzerland, on the outside terrains of the Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen. The two judges that were earlier appointed by the FCI are: 🇭🇺 Erika Szoboszlav 🇷DZ...

EOJ2018: Last minute change of location

The organisation of the EOJ2018 announces that unfortunately there is a last minute change in the location of the EOJ 2018. After complaints against the event by some of the neighbours, the mayor of the city of Roosendaa...

IFCS WAC 2019 in The Netherlands

Due to unexpected changes IFCS has searched and found an alternative host for the IFCS World Agility Championships for 2019. This event will be hosted by FHN in the Netherlands 10-14 April 2019 in Hellendoorn.