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IFCS WAC 2016 in The Netherlands

During the first day of the IFCS WAC 2015 in Italy, it was announced that next years WAC will take place in Laag Soeren, the Netherlands (same location as last year).

IFCS WAC – Day 1 full results

IFCS Worldchampionships – Day 1 full results Jumping individual and towards overall: Medium: Jp1m Small: Jp1s Large: Jp1l Toy: Jp1 toy

IFCS World Championship – Day 1

Yesterday was day 1 of the IFCS World Championship (WAC) in Voghera, Italy. Unfortunately, information flow is very limited; no running orders or results to be found online unfortunately. We will share what we receive fr...

EO 2016 in Northern France

Update 28 march 2015: CNEAC (KC of France) officially announced the EO 2016 will be held at below mentioned location. ——————————————R...


This slogan is now trending as a facebook profile image. It is a message to express that handlers want to be free where, when and how they want to enjoy their hobby, their sport, their passion. It is a reaction to those ...