About us

AGILTYnews.eu was launched 15-02-15 at 15:02:15

It is a European initiative founded by 28 European Agility handlers,

inspired by the idea of Belgian Agility handler Franky Vanroy:


Austria:               Andrea Foglar
Belgium:             Chantal Scoubeau
Croatia:               Maša Srebrić
Czech Republic:   Eva Maděrová
Denmark:            Bonnik Berthelsen
England:              Marie Douglas
Estonia:               Svetlana Zolotnikova
France:                Michelle Johnston
Germany:            Carola Derst
Guernsey:            Megan Burns
Hungary:             Anna Németh
Ireland:               Sarah Liddy
Finland:               Salme Räsänen
Italy:                   Camillo Martino
Jersey:                 André Rees
Latvia:                 Solvita Slišāne
Lithuania:            Giedrė Norvilaitė
Luxemburg:         Bram van Hilten
Nederland:          Miriam Vriens
Norway:              Simon Noel
Poland:               Magdalena Ziolkowska
Portugal:             Hugo Santos
San Marino:        Gian Luca Terenzi
Slovakia:             Martina Vakoničová
Slovenia:             Manca Mikec
Spain:                  Laure Metairie
Sweden:              Åsa Wrede
Switzerland:        Sascha Grunder

AGILITYnews.eu provides aggregated pan-European news, information and coverage of the most beautiful sport in the world : Agility.
It will be about ALL agility, independent of any federation or organisation

In this way, we can jointly develop our sport to a next level and make it easier for handlers to compete all over Europe.

AGILITYnews.eu aims to be fact-based and up-to-date.