FMBB All Results

FMBB, the biggest event for Belgian Shepherds not only in agility. The championship is held in four different disciplines – Agility, Obedience, Mondioring and IPO. This competition is a World Show of Belgian Shepherds (small video shot FMBB). Competition was held in Czech republic – Pisek 7-10.5. 2015. More informations about whole FMBB (other disciplines) on webpage FMBB 2015. Photos are avaliable on the pages – gallery 1, galerry 2, gallery 3 for sale. You can watch and download courses from all judges – Sascha Gründer, Jirina Mackova, Jitka Marouskova.

The World Champion in agility 2015 became Katja Slippens and Ziva (video from FMBB- Katja+Ziva).

All results from FMBB – agility:

Individual – Agility 1L

Individual – Agility 2L

Individual – Jumping 1L

Individual – Jumping 2L

Teams – Agility

Teams – Jumping

Teams – Total A+J

Individual – Final agility L

Individual – Final jumping L

Individual – Total A+J

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