Judges World Championships 2016

UPDATE 13-01-2016: Anton Kudrin (Russia) is assigned as chief Judge for the IFCS WAC
The FCI AWC announced the names of the judges for the AWC 2016 so now ALL judges of ALL world championships are known:

13-17 04 2016 IFCS WAC World Agility Championship NL Laag Soeren www

From Australia: Mr. Mal Williams
From Belgium: Mr. Bart de Decker
From The Netherlands: Mr. Wim Bekendam
From Russia: Anton Kudrin (chief Judge) [update 13-01-2016]

13-15 05 2016 WAO World Agility Open Championship UK Addington Manor www

From England: Mr Anthony Clarke
From USA: Ms Patty Drom
From Portugal: Mr Jorge Pires
From USA: Marq Cheek (supervising judge)

23-25 09 2016 FCI AWC Agility World Championship ES  Zaragoza www

From Spain: Mr José Luis García Álvarez
From Hungary: Mr Tráj Tamás
From Spain: Mr Ramon Poble Rosàs (Auxiliar Judge)

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