Finland will change to 5 jumpheights

The Finnish Agility Association’s annual meeting voted for several changes in national rules. New rules will validate at 1st of January in 2018. Here are the most important changes.

New classes for toy dogs and smaller large dogs

Several other coutries have already done this, Finland decided to increase the amount of size classes as well. New classes are: dogs under 28 cm and between 43-50 cm. Dogs in these size categories can compete either at their current class or at avnew size class. Handlers are free to re-choose it for every competition.

Lower jumping heights

According to incoming international agility rules the meeting decided to low jumping heights at all size classes. Changes are for regular jumps and wall jump.

New jumping heights at national competitions

  • SX (dogs under 28 cm) 10-20 cm
  • S (dogs 28-35 cm) 20-30 cm
  • M (dogs 35-43 cm) 30-40 cm
  • L (dogs 43-50 cm) 40-50 cm
  • XL (dogs over 50 cm) 50-60 cm

New jumping heights at tryouts and international competitions

  • S (< 35 cm) 25-30 cm
  • M (35-43 cm) 35-40 cm
  • L (> 43 cm) 55-60 cm

Qualifying results for national championships should be gained from same size class that the dog is competing at the championships.

Other changes

Bitches in heat will be allowed in every class. Current rule allows competing only at 3 rd class.

Changes in obstacles:

  • Table will disappear
  • Flat tunnel will change shorter and the entrance can be half-erected
  • Tyre can be used with or without frames

These incoming changes in rules are to encourage people and dogs to have more fun and keep it safe.

If you have any questions about rules please contact Finnish Agility Association.

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