IFCS is coming to France

Agility players in France soon will be offered more competitions. Moreover – there will 4 different jump heights in the competitions, and no restrictions for non pedigree dogs, they will play under exactly the same rules like the pedigree ones.

France has already taken first steps to become a member of International Federation of Cynological Sports (IFCS).

At the beginning there will be two clubs becoming members of IFCS for the provisional 2 years period. The plan is to increase in the number of supporters and adherents, and to create a federation in these 2 years.

Lots of the needed documents are already written, others still must be done.

The initiators are talking not only about agility, but also about other dogsports, such as obedience, flyball and frisbee.

The idea to create a new federation in France was inspired by growing dissatisfaction between agility players, who feel their hobby being limited by the restrictions of FCI rules. However, the developing federation has no goal to compete with CNEAC (Commission Nationale Education et Actvités Cynophile, member of FCI). Rather on the contrary – the goal is to work for the sake of sports.

All the players, including members of FCI and IFCS, pedigree and non pedigree dogs, will be welcomed to take part in selections for IFCS World Agility Championships 2016 (WAC) as long as the federation is not founded yet. The members of IFCS will only benefit from lower participation fees.

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