CRUFTS: Running Order International Invitations FINALS

These are the combined results after jumping and agility course. The running order of the finals will be presumably in reversed order.

Follow it LIVE on from 18:10 onwards

1.Jenny Damm Away To Me Miss Lilli SWEDEN
2.Thomas Thiesen Ag Ch Viatt’s Kick Ass NORWAY
3. Tuulia Liuhto Promillen Pirtu FINLAND
4. Morten Juhl Hansen Spottie DENMARK
5. Francesca Zanti Disney ITALY
6. Neil Lowndes Foxy Roxy The Red Rocket REP OF IRELAND
7. Martijn Servaas Makeitso True Pem NETHERLANDS
8. Julio Freire Chika Do Arroas SPAIN
9. Catherine Porter Walk On Water NORTHERN IRELAND
10. Gregory Bielle-Bidalot Cayenne Sweet Pepper FRANCE
11. Desiree Snelleman Nac Mach 2 Tempo In Motion USA
12. Sally Andrews Big City Border Jumper BELGIUM
13. Hannah Holdsworth Bell’s Destiny ENGLAND
14. Stuart Harmes Darleyfalls Tog WALES
15. Sharon Maternaghan Molly The Collie ISLE OF MAN
16. Sergio De Sousa Misty Golden Girl PORTUGAL

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