Belgian WAO team: 2 handlers withdraw

The Belgian WAO team posted an updated teamlist on their facebook page with two handlers less.
A number of handlers that are member of the Belgian KC (K.K.U.S.H.) were qualified to participate at the WAO 2015 in Ermelo, NL
Their clubs received a letter from K.K.U.S.H in which was stated that the handlers had to withdraw, or the club would have to expel them.
If the club would refuse to expel the member, the club itself could be expelled from K.K.U.S.H.
Two handlers decided to give in to the intimidation and withdrew as it could have bad consequences for their clubs and all its members.
A third handler asked K.K.U.S.H beforehand which rule forbids participation to non FCI or non K.K.U.S.H approved events. K.K.U.S.H did not manage to answer with such rule so the handler participated in the WAO qualifiers. Nevertheless the club of this handler received the same letter recentely.

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