Finland started a questionnaire about FCI rules

The Finnish Agility Association (SAGI) started a questionnaire on how the FCI-rules should be changed. The questionnaire is open for all agility people in Finland that have an agility license.

Merja Suomalainen is the head of the working group that prepares the proposal for the board of Finnish Agility Association. In April there will be a seminar in which the results of the questionaire are shown and the discussion will be open for agility clubs and agility judges. In June, the board of Finnish Agility Association decides what will be the most important points Finland tries to improve in the FCI rules via Risto Ojanperä, the Finnish FCI delegate.
The Finnish Agility Association, member of the Finnish KC, is an umbrella organisation for all (at the moment 242) agility clubs in Finland. With over 5000 handlers that have agilitylicence, a questionnaire is actually pretty much the only way to find out their opinion, Merja says.

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