WAO: Wildcards are announced

In the 300 height:
Lena Riedel & EO from Sweden
Roberto Sette & Honey from Italy
David Ferrer & Sira from Spain

In the 400 height:
Angela Koopman & Little Miss Abby from The Netherlands
Karen Gibbons & Willow from England
Danielle van Leeuwen & Gypsy from The Netherlands
David Alique Sáchez & Mate from Spain
Eerjan de Bruijn & Laika from The Netherlands

In the 525 height is;
Carina de Silva & Sookie from Denmark
Anne Kajava & Motion from USA
Danielle Boshouwers & Kahlen from The Netherlands

In the 650 height is;
Justine Davenport & Summit from Canada
Iban Cubedo Alcazar & Aslan from Spain
Cecilia Klingberg & Vic from Sweden
Daisy Peel & Solar from USA
Miriam Vriens-Boshouwers & Summit from The Netherlands

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