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AWC 2016 Team Large Final Results

Russia Jumping 107,91 / 0 Agility 109,35 / 0 TOTAL 217,26 / 0 Finland  Jumping 105,47 / 0 Agility 106,93 / 10 TOTAL 212,4 / 10 Germany Jumping 103,32 / 5 Agility 109,93 / 5 TOTAL 213,25 / 10 All results here.  
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AWC 2016 Team Large Agility

Next we are going to watch large teams at agility course by Tamás Tráj. Results from agility course: Russia 109,35 / 0 Hungary 111,29 / 0 Germany 109,93 / 5 All results from agility course you can read here. On this cour...
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AWC 2016 Team Small Jumping

Next we have a jumping cource by Jose Luis Garcia Alvarez for Small Teams. You can feel the excitement among the audience. Come and join us! Results Germany 92,13 Sweden 92,22 Estonia 94,12 You can find all the results h...
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AWC 2016 Team Medium Jumping

Day 2 at Agility World Championships started with Team Medium Jumping course by Tamás Tráj. Results France 109.99 Slovenia 112.16 Sweden 112.29 You can find all results here. If you want to join the excitement, go for a ...
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AWC 2016 – Day 1

The 21. Championships of this great sport of Agility began at Zaragoza Spain. Competition gathered teams from 42 countries with over 400 starters. Event is organized by Spanish Kennel Club at Pabellón Príncipe Felipe. Te...
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Livestream AWC2016

Watch the biggest event in our sport, live or when it suits you! AGILITYnews.eu is a partner in the production of the livestream for the Agility World Championships 2016, straight from Zaragoza to your home. Complete wit...
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IFCS new rules: no more collapsible tunnel

Just a few hours after other major associations announced the ban of the collapsible tunnel also IFCS published the change of rules: The Cloth/Collapsible Tunnel (Chute) is suspended from use from the 30 August 2016 and ...